List of World Premiere Performances

Paul Barsom - House Made of Dawn
Mason Bates -
Garages of the Valley
Jeremy Beck - Sinfonietta
Anthony Brandt -
Breathing Room
John Burge -
A Light Fantastic Round
Dan Coleman - Chamber Symphony
Dan Coleman - Quintet,
After Elizabeth Bishop
Dan Coleman -
Long ago, this radiant day
Dan Coleman - October Overture
Dan Coleman -
Parables of Flight
Dan Coleman -
Pavanes and Symmetries
Dan Coleman -
Song at the End of Summer
Dan Coleman -
Songs and Conversations
Dan Coleman - Sonata in Two Acts
Jeffery Cotton - Clarinet Concerto
Jeffery Cotton - Elegy
Jeffery Cotton -
La Folia
Jeffery Cotton -
Jeffery Cotton - Serenade
Jeffery Cotton - Sextet
Jeffery Cotton - Suite from
Pyramus and Thisbe
Jeffery Cotton - Symphony for Strings
Nathan Currier - Hymn to
Rosa Valado's Dying Earth
Nathan Currier -
Last Thoughts of Gregor Samsa
Kenneth Dempster - Eight Variations on Two Themes
Noam Elkies - Allegro Troppo
Noam Elkies - Brandenburg Concerto No. 7, op. 49
Noam Elkies -
Chameleon Echoes
Sean Jaeger -
The Cold Pane
Layton James - Cantata
Sine Nomine
Aaron Kernis - Viola Concerto
Earl Kim -
Earl Kim -
The White Hour
Robert Kyr - Violin Concerto
Andrew List -
Missouri Dreamscape
Brad Mehldau -
Highway Rider
Cord Meijering -
Jocelyn Morlock -
Michael Oesterle -
Michael Oesterle -
Daydream Mechanics III
Randolph Peters -
Everything that Rises
Andrea Portera -
Tempo Verticale
Stephen Prutsman -
The Grand Excursion
Marcela Rodríguez - Mural
Ilan Rechtman - Jazz Suite
Sid Robinovitch - Cantus Borealis
Elena Ruehr -
Fazil Say - Ballade No. 1
Fazil Say - Ballade No. 2
Fazil Say -
The Silk Road
Fazil Say - Chamber Symphony
David Scott -
The Widening Gyre
Scott Starrett - Serenade
Donald Sur - Berceuse
Donald Sur -
Broken Silence
Juliana Trivers -
Chinary Ung -
Rain of Tears
Andy Vores -
Anna Weesner -
Still Things Move
Steven Yip -
Shadow of Golconda
Patrick Zimmerli - Chamber Symphony
Patrick Zimmerli -
Light, Color, Line Symbol
Patrick Zimmerli - New York Overture
Patrick Zimmerli -
Parisian Memories, Parisian Dreams
Patrick Zimmerli - Piano Concerto No. 1
Patrick Zimmerli - Piano Concerto No. 2
Patrick Zimmerli - Piano Trio No. 1
Patrick Zimmerli - Piano Trio No. 2
Patrick Zimmerli - Piano Quintet